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Why I Just Wish Everyone Stopped Smiling, Dammit

Being away from your loved one for an extended period of time seems to have profound effects on your psyche. I know that now – I’m living proof. The examples are plentiful and varied: For some reason, I only fall … Continue reading

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My Love Said, “Pull My Finger.”

Slightly worse than that, I did.  And, worse even still, he proceeded to fart. But I digress. Hernán and I just got a week together.  Well, six days.  I arrived home this morning.  Family hugs were exchanged, plans were discussed, … Continue reading

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Blogs Are A Dime A Dozen, But

This blog is a love story. A modern one, to be sure – a let’s-meet-in-that-chatroom, did-you-save-that-log-from-the-day-when, Google-approved love story. One of those stories that Internet made possible, the kind that grandparents look at askance and then shake their heads. The … Continue reading

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