For Better, For Worse

It goes without saying that couples share an intimate co-existence.  That’s what makes them couples.  Duh.

Of course, much is shared within that existence.  Hernán has already written here about intimacy and embracing the typically unembraceable.  There are other unpleasantries that one’s partner is privy to, ones that can’t be remedied by a little air freshener.  The humiliations, the mistakes, the struggles–no matter how personal–are both of yours to bear.

I was at Target last night when a commotion broke out at the front door.  I was too far away to know what was happening in detail, but apparently a couple was attempting to walk out with a very full basket, having neglected to purchase any of its contents.  The man, who was not small, was shoving against the Target man, who was enormous.  A woman I could not see seemed to be arguing with the Target woman at the same time.  The Target man finally prevailed, and the man fell to the ground as the woman screeched (possibly going down as well).  They both got up and ran to the parking lot.

I wondered how the car ride would be.  Would they argue, assigning blame for the failed venture on each other?  Would they ride away in silence?  Would they cry?  Were they in need, and comfort each other about having to endure such an undignified life?

Thinking to my own life, I wonder about Hernán’s support of me when I’m struggling.  I know he finds it frustrating for many reasons.  I wonder how exhausting it is to bear.  I wonder if I’ll ever wear him out completely.

It’s an intimacy that’s endured, but it comes part and parcel with those that are cherished.  But I’m still sorry.

Edit by Hernán: As beautifully written as this was, I just wanted to point out that she’s in no danger to wear me out completely. She exaggerates. That is all.


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A flake who laughs at her own jokes.
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