Even Far Away, We Still Have Inane Conversations

Leta: you know, elephants are kinda assholish when they’re trying to kill.

Hernán:  Yeah.
Elephants are big.
Big people tend to be assholes.

Leta: not all big people

Hernán:  Most big people. The rest die young.
Big targets, you know.

Leta:  elephants kick and kick and stomp and kneel and gore and trample.
like a cat with a mouse.
except they kick people across the ground
I’m just sayin’

Hernán:  We make them go extinct.
We win, in the asshole race to utter destruction.

Leta:  why the hostilty?

Hernán:  Hostility towards whom? You?

Leta:  elephant hostility
people they are killing
ouch, yo.

Hernán:  Oh.
I’m just saying, it’s just people killed by elephants.
They are statistical anomalies.
Can’t feel sorry for them.

Leta:  i know it’s an anomaly
i find it…interesting, I guess.
Bulls (cow bulls) have done the same to people

Hernán:  You know how giraffes kill?
Big guys are only using what they can.
What weapons they have.
Elephants are fat.
Let them stomp.

how do giraffes kill?

Hernán:  They kick.

Leta:  with those spindly little legs?

Hernán:  They support those hugeass bodies, you know

Leta:  i wonder what it looks like, a giraffe kicking something
is it funny looking?

Hernán:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxpKwl1jOug
See near the end.

Leta:  wow. it is funny looking.


About Leta Arán

A flake who laughs at her own jokes.
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