Dammit I am TRYING

Hernán has told me that I have to post, tonight.  Now.  NOW now.  The trouble is, I haven’t been doing anything postworthy, but I have been really damned busy.

I am to spend next week at a conference, which means getting home and work in order.  On top of regular job, fledgling side business is sucking up major amounts of time and money.  Hopefully, the time part will make up for money part soon.  But for now, it’s new, and this is how it goes.

I’m also trying to rehab my living space, which is crowded and messy in a pretty extreme sense of the word.  My days and evenings have been full, and yesterday obligations that kept me outside all day and resulted in my sunburning through my shirt kept me from doing much in the house.  Today, I got up at 7 AM for an 8 AM soccer game (…), picked up Tiger Balm on the way home (fuck you, quad muscle!) and started cleaning.  Hernán told me that in the meantime, he’d woken late, had lunch and watched Caddyshack.  Bastard.

Being allergic to dust makes cleaning just a swell task indeed, and now I have a headache.  I mean that shit gets everywhere.  And now, instead of continuing to clean, or rub more Tiger Balm on my achy parts, Hernán, WHO INSISTED I POST NOW IN THE FIRST PLACE, keeps sending me links to things like a goddamn Lionel Ritchie video that I saw plenty when I was growing up and demanding that I STOP INSTANTLY and WATCH IT BECAUSE OMG THAT LIONEL SCULPTURE AT THE END.

So.  Having met Hernán’s blog and video demands, I’m off to raid the alfajor stash, because those things are great for headaches.


About Leta Arán

A flake who laughs at her own jokes.
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