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Stories I hope someday I’m good enough to write about

Between the idea and the story there’s a sea of uncertainty and typos, an abyss that can swallow you whole like the Star Wars desert vagina, a pit of lava with fire tigers swimming in it, a flock of hysterical … Continue reading

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For Better, For Worse

It goes without saying that couples share an intimate co-existence.  That’s what makes them couples.  Duh. Of course, much is shared within that existence.  Hernán has already written here about intimacy and embracing the typically unembraceable.  There are other unpleasantries … Continue reading

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Even Far Away, We Still Have Inane Conversations

Leta: you know, elephants are kinda assholish when they’re trying to kill. Hernán:  Yeah. Elephants are big. Big people tend to be assholes. Leta: not all big people Hernán:  Most big people. The rest die young. Big targets, you know. Leta:  … Continue reading

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Why I Just Wish Everyone Stopped Smiling, Dammit

Being away from your loved one for an extended period of time seems to have profound effects on your psyche. I know that now – I’m living proof. The examples are plentiful and varied: For some reason, I only fall … Continue reading

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Dammit I am TRYING

Hernán has told me that I have to post, tonight.  Now.  NOW now.  The trouble is, I haven’t been doing anything postworthy, but I have been really damned busy. I am to spend next week at a conference, which means … Continue reading

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To Kill A Monday

Monday. It’s Monday. It’s Monday and I have to go to work. It’s Monday and I don’t want to wake up, but I have to, because for some stupid reason when I was kid I decided I was going to … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Stretch

I have started to play soccer [football].  This was my first week.  I went to my first practice on Tuesday, and I am recently outfitted with new shorts, socks, shin guards and cleats.  Today, I played in my first game. … Continue reading

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