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Safest Way to Travel? NOT IN MY HEAD

I hate to fly. I don’t mean that I feel a discomfort when I’m on the airplane and a twinge of nervousness. I mean I start to hyperventilate when I think about a flight that’s three months away. This is … Continue reading

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Anecdotes Of A Trip To Heaven

Nature. What a show off. (Also, symmetry pleases me.) Like an odd soldier-supplicant hybrid, I’ve been tasked by Leta to reminisce about our trip to Los Siete Lagos in text. The second guideline was to “make it funny”. Hmm. Let’s … Continue reading

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Distance Is a Bitch

My bed is not, strictly speaking, empty.  For one thing, I have a small mountain of pillows on it.  There is also a small stuffed bear, which had arrived with roses to commemorate a year of togetherness.  And, of course, … Continue reading

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That’ll be .833 cents, please.

Hernán has the soul of a poet.  Me, not so much.  I will let him write the things of beauty, the spirit movers.  I’ll write the jokes about burping. He told me to write my first post, but I could … Continue reading

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Blogs Are A Dime A Dozen, But

This blog is a love story. A modern one, to be sure – a let’s-meet-in-that-chatroom, did-you-save-that-log-from-the-day-when, Google-approved love story. One of those stories that Internet made possible, the kind that grandparents look at askance and then shake their heads. The … Continue reading

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